Tuesday, May 27, 2008

She stared at the blinking chat screen, dreading the question she saw before her eyes.

"What's wrong? :( "

She slowly typed the 3 words she wanted to say to him more than anything, but quickly backspaced and started typing again.

"Hold on...I've gotta go get something to drink."

God that's so lame! She thought. She sat there in silence for a few minutes, trying to find the courage to tell him what was really wrong. For starters, he lived about 2,300 miles away, and she had never actually met him. Secondly, she was falling in love with him and she wasn't sure if she could, or even wanted to, stop herself.


On the other side of the country, he sat at his computer desk, staring at the screen and waiting for her relpy. Neither knew it, but they were both thinking the same thing at that moment.

He loved here, of that he was sure. What he was unsure of however was how to tell her. He would be closer to her soon, he was going away to school in the fall about 4 hours away from her. He couldn't wait that long go tell her though. Without thinking about it again, he quickly typed a short message into the IM box and signed off before she could reply. He was almost afraid of her reaction, and he could hardly believe what he had just done.


Her eyes darted back to the screen when his message popped up. With a shaking hand she clicked on the blinking box. Her breath seemed to catch in her chest as she read what he had written and she began to cry. Tears silently slid down her face as her smile continued to grow, and she was still shaking as she kept re-reading his message.

"Jess I've gotta go for the night, but I want you to know I'm always here for you.

I love you."

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