Thursday, April 30, 2009

I've discovered I have an irrational fear of something hiding behind a closed shower curtain. Now this is something I've known for a while, but it's never really taken effect or been presented in a major reality check until about 2 hours ago. I made my way into the bathroom to see that my mom had for some unknown reason closed the shower curtain, which always un-nerves me a bit. It could quite possibly be the fact that I have watched too many horror films, or too much CSI, or whatever you want to blame it on, but every time I see the closed shower curtain I kind of want to cry a bit.

Now, somewhere in my subconscious I KNOW there actually isn't a rapist/murderer hiding behind the curtain with a knife raised to attack me as soon as I push it aside, but I manage to forget that tiny detail most of the time and instead let my brain create all of these "what if" situations and start planning my escape route just on the off chance that someone HAS managed to break into my house, get by my dad AND both dogs (who are all in the living room, less than 10 feet from the bathroom), and is now poised behind the curtain, ready to strike.

Todays incident, however, proved once and for all that in some cases my over-active imagination is actually RIGHT. Thankfully when I flung the curtain back in anticipation of being held at knife-point, there was no one to be found. Instead of a crazy serial killer with a knife, there was however a SPIDER THE SIZE OF A LARGE CAT. I'm not even kidding you. And I hate spiders even more than I hate the constant rain we've been tortured with for the last 4 days. In response to seeing the spider sitting (standing? what do spiders do) there menacingly staring at me, I proceeded to react in the way most normal people would: by screaming and cursing and running out of the bathroom like it was on fire. That's what normal people do, right? Or maybe that's just me.

My dad however, upon hearing/seeing my little escapade, was thoroughly convinced that there was in fact a rapist/murderer hiding in the bath tub and proceeded to jump up and try to save the day. Much to his disappointment though, he found the previously mentioned VERY LARGE spider and promptly disposed of it while laughing at me. (For those of you, like Greyson, that hate it when people squish spiders, let it be known that my dad did not squish it. He "saved" it and took it outside. So it can creep back into the house and scare me again. Thanks dad.)

That has been the extent of my day thus far, with the exception of attempting to (and failing at) studying for my last final exam tonight which is about an hour and a half, in addition to being highly annoyed that it is still raining. Yikes. Today has not been kind to me at all. I hope this isn't foreshadowing for how my exam is going to go tonight.

I'm going to steal....*cough* I mean borrow this idea from Hayley (hayleyghoover) and Kristina (italktosnakes) and leave a few random thoughts/statistics at the end of each blog. I'll try to think of something more creative than countdowns and hopefully have that ready for the next post.

Books read in 2009: 7
Days until LeakyCon: 20
Days until Azkatraz: 78

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Kassi said...

Aww Becca! If there was a huge spider in my shower I would be scared too but fortunately my shower doesn't have a curtain on it like in Scream. Is it Scream? idk, but it's all good.

I feel like tons of people are doing this blog thing and I'm really tempted to do it now too coz I love writing and I'm basically ranting in my head stuff that I'd probably write in a blog. Do you think I should start one?

Your blog stalker,
Kassi <33