Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 4: Some people just really don't like dirt I guess.

Continuing last night's TV theme, that's the reason I'm cutting it so close tonight. Worked from 2 - 930 tonight, followed by Dancing with the Stars results show from 9 - 10, and Body of Proof from 10 - 11. So. There's that.

I think one of my posts might be my take on the Dos and Don'ts of retail, for both customers and employees. By no means am I perfect at my job, but I've been in this business for 5 1/2 years and between 3 completely different companies I've seen my fair share of stupid things. Tonight was no exception to that AT ALL. We had a mom and daughter come in looking for black bottoms. Jeans, skirts, shorts, leggings, whatever. If you've ever worn a piece of black clothing, you know that it shows dirt and dust very quickly because anything light will stand out once it's on the fabric. We clean the floors every morning, usually spending about 45 minutes to an hour sweeping using not only a push broom but a swiffer type thing as well trying to get the floors as clean as possible. The store I was working at today is located in an outdoor mall, meaning the floors there tend to get a lot dirtier a lot faster than they would at a normal mall. So this mom and daughter find every single black item of clothing we sell and take them into the fitting room. I really have no complaints about their shopping manners or anything like that, because by normal customer standards they were actually very neat and did their part to make my job not suck as much by not destroying piles or leaving things balled up in the fitting room. She did, however, drop a pair of jeans on the floor as she was bringing their stuff up to the register. When she picked them up off the ground, she made the most awful sound ever and just went off on a rant about how dirty our store was and that we really needed to clean and she couldn't believe we let the floor get that gross. It was almost 830 at night. We had actually been kind of busy today. More people in the store means more dirt and dust on the floor. She dropped the jeans on the floor in front of the register. Where EVERY SINGLE PERSON that buys something stands. Naturally that area of the store is going to be dirtier than other places.

I'm just baffled that she was so offended that there was dirt on the floor and that the jeans she dropped got dirty. Like. What did she expect? That we keep the floors clean enough to eat off of? That we mop the floor multiple times a day? That dirt doesn't carry into the store from people's shoes? I don't get it. I feel like some people just aren't happy until they find something to complain about.

Days until Wrockstock: 24
Album of the day: Mayday Parade's self titled album. So. Effing. Good. Please go get it. Right now.

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