Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day16: This is a title.

I started typing up a HUGE post about the woes of working in retail, but every time I think I'm ready to publish it I think of about 5 more bullet points to add in. So that entry has been saved and is waiting for tomorrow, or Tuesday.

SO. Is anyone doing NaNoWriMo this year? I haven't decided yet if I'm going to. I've done it the past 3 years, and I haven't even come close to hitting the 50,000 word mark. November is always a ridiculously busy month for me. The last two years have had Wrockstock the first weekend, and the second half of the month is when it really starts getting busy at work. I don't know. I love doing it, but I feel like such a failure when I don't finish it. Which has been the last 3 years. I haven't even been able to come up with any decent plot lines or character backgrounds or anything yet. I was tossing around the idea of either revamping last year's story and expanding on it, or continuing another project that I started a few months ago. We'll see what happens I guess. I have 2 weeks to figure it out haha.

Days until Wrockstock: 12. Seriously though, who wants to buy my plane tickets for me?
Album of the day: The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most, Dashboard Confessional

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Matt said...

I like the re-design quite a bit.