Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 7: Well I almost made it a week.

Yeah yeah yeah I know. I missed yesterday. Not that anyone is paying attention, anyway. I did have yesterday off of work, but I had the luxury of sleeping in for a bit, and then spent most of the early afternoon running errands with my mom. My cousins from North Carolina are still around town, and they got a block of hotel rooms last night out in Livonia for a bunch of our family to get together. We had a GREAT night of drinking, talking, and watching the Tigers win.

I had planned to get my post up last night before we recorded HR, but the hotel pretty much lied to me about the internet situation. They charged $18 a night for internet, and I'm sorry but I wasn't about to pay that for a few hours worth of internet usage. So not only did I miss recording HR, but I didn't get a blog post up last night. And now I'm also 2 days behind on Tumblr, and it's gonna take me FOREVER to catch up on that.

I'm exhausted today. By some miracle, I don't get hangovers (which is amazing, by the way). My mom however, has always been plagued by them, even when she only drinks a few glasses of wine. So we've both been chugging coffee all morning, and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon either since I have plans to go out again tonight. More drinking. Wooooo. My liver is not going to be happy with me by the time this weekend is over.

Soooo. I'm gonna go shower and make more coffee, and start getting ready to go out eventually.

Days until Wrockstock: 21
Album of the day: People and Things, Jack's Mannequin

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cj. said...

hiii. i don't have anything to say in particular but yay for blogging!

have funnn. :)